Malware KO Free Overview

With a non-intrusive and extremely fast scanning technology, Malware KO Free offers the ultimate anti-malware defense for your data. This free anti-malware software helps detect and protect against malware like suspicious ActiveX objects, Trojans, adware, trackware, phishing frauds, dialers, keyloggers and other threats. Preventing data theft is the topmost security priority and it was this keen focus that led our experts to diligently work and monitor to stay ahead of potential threats.

Once installed, this free malware remover tool can watch memory, file system and registry, waiting for any malware that's hiding and attempting to load whenever it gets a chance. Once Malware KO Free detects the presence of a malicious program, it springs into action. Malware: gone. Plus, Malware KO Free expertly removes any and all "hooks" the malware may have injected into the system, and restores its original condition.

In a word, this free anti-spyware software provides top-of-the-line anti-malware protection for your home & business needs to survive in today's threatscape. Now, beat malware and hackers to the punch to guard your online transactions and protect your digital identity! Download now and use it for free.

Malware KO Free can be your ideal solution to troubleshoot the foregoing problems. The free anti-malware tool helps detect and get rid of malware that installs itself on your computer without your knowledge. It will fully protect your computer on all fronts from the invasion of any malicious software. Here are some key features of Malware KO Free. Download to experience this free malware remover utility.

Detect & Remove MalwareDetect & Remove Malware

Malware KO Free is the backbone of your PC's security. It uses industry-leading technology to detect and remove all traces of malware like worms, Trojans, rootkits, spyware, adware and more. This malware removal proactively defends your PC against both known and emerging threats, without any significant impact on your PC's performance.

Complete Scan & ExceptionComplete Scan & Exception

Malware KO Free scans every place where malware can strike its roots, and not just common places in registry and files, like some other programs. You can have a complete scan from files, processes, cookies, Hosts file, folders, registry to non-malicious files to remove all kinds of malware. Furthermore, you are allowed to ignore files larger than your specified size from scanning.

Customize Scanning ModeCustomize Scanning Mode

Two scanning methods are available: Express & Deep. If you want to scan malicious software in memory, boot sectors, and the Windows folders, the Express method is enough. For deeper scanning, the latter can scan all files and folders in your whole computer, C: drive only or your custom area.

Detailed Scan ResultsDetailed Scan Results

All the malware detected by Malware KO Free will be listed with detailed info like name, location, severity level, type, etc. in a window in which you can check them to solve the problems or uncheck them. Meanwhile, the results can be exported into a text file for further diagnosis, analysis or other emergencies. You can also get a report of possible false positive.

Protect Your PrivacyProtect Your Privacy

If you spend a lot of time surfing the Internet, you need protection against malware threats. Thanks to Malware KO Free, the threats from a wide array of malicious software and hackers are protected against. Whether you are banking online, emailing friends or chatting, you can surf the web safely without the risk of leaking out your private information.

Backup & Restore Any ChangesBackup & Restore Any Changes

It is so awful if you use anti-malware software to mistakenly delete the important files but failed to restore. Malware KO Free lets you keep peace of mind, as it makes a backup of the threat before cleaning and lists all the changes that were made to your system in a box so that you can easily revert them. Now, if you have made mistakes, just undo any changes.

Scheduled ScanningScheduled Scanning

The inbuilt time scheduler allows easy configuration of automated and scheduled scanning of your computer. You have very precise control over the schedule and frequency of scanning. You may choose to run scheduled scans at a certain time on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to automatically remove malware.

Support & UpdateSupport & Update

For personal assistance, we provide related online tutorials and technical support to solve your usage problems. Frequent database updates on both a regular and an emergency basis will provide high malware detection rates and increased protection levels for both home and business users.

Malware KO Free will provide active protection as well as detection to keep you away from worms, Trojan, spyware, adware, trackware, dialers and many more to protect your PC from unauthorized access, information theft and weakened system performance. Now, just download it to experience more features and get more benefits!

Remove Malware Threats

Malware is a tremendous nuisance for every user. It disrupts computer operation, bogs down your computer, changes your homepage, gathers sensitive information... Our Malware KO Free can be your ideal solution to troubleshoot the foregoing problems. The free anti-malware tool helps detect and get rid of malware that installs itself on your computer without your knowledge. It will fully protect your computer on all fronts from the invasion of any malicious software.

Protect from Identity Theft

Spyware always tries to seek and steal your personal information stored on PC, including your credit card numbers, passwords, financial data, etc. Identity theft is such a big headache for victims, causing them to lose money, receive negative marks on credit report and other losses. Malware KO Free helps detect & remove any spyware that tries to steal your personal information. It will shield your data and block spyware from gaining access to your system, offering a secure operating system where you can safely surf the net, chat, do shopping and banking in a peace of mind.

Protection from Spam

Spam is incredibly annoying when you're bombarded with emails and ads that you have no interest in whatsoever. The spam is most likely the result of having some spyware hidden on your computer. With Malware KO Free installed, you will find this free anti-spyware software brings a drastic reduction of spam. Everything turns out normal again.

Free, Safe & Easy

Malware KO Free provides as many anti-malware features as any other high-paid anti-malware software but is totally free of charge. No any hidden or extra fees. As professional anti-malware software, Malware KO Free itself doesn't bring or install any spyware, adware, virus, etc. on your computer. With the clean interface, you won't encounter any difficulty in making it scan and destroy any malware that is doing harm to your computer.

Free Support

Our team will constantly update this anti-malware tool to detect the newest and unknown threats. We provide lifetime free support that can really help you with all the problems of installing, using or uninstalling, though most of the time you will not have to call up our helpdesk as the software has little chance of having something wrong.

Any questions and suggestions are warmly welcomed and will be dealt with as soon as possible. We provide several user guide manuals to help users to learn the program & its functionalities with ease and some related articles to help experience more features of Malware KO Free.